With a background in manufacturing and machining owner and overseer or Walt 3D LLC, Brian Walt, wants to really stress the capabilities Walt 3D has when it comes to assisting in the manufacturing process. As the person in charge of Walt 3D LLC it is my job to inform all of our clients the best and most efficient ways to go about designing, reverse engineering, prototyping and overall manufacturing their products/designs to fit their custom needs. It is of great value to have at my fingertips the ability to design and create 2D/3D designs, drawings and files that allow us to bring the individuals and businesses ideas alike into the real world. Whether it be on the screen or as a prototype they can physically hold and use we always form fit our process to bring the customers vision to life. Currently, our overall main focus is to work as much as we can with business to business relations and use our skills to assist in the growth and expansion of startups and well-established businesses. Below is a list of manufacturing processes Walt 3D LLC is familiar with can assist in setting up.

Although we do not have all of these capabilities in house listed below, we have manufacturing resources setup domestically and overseas that allow us to produce and fulfill the needed request and demands. Using proven and known manufacturing processes we are able to form fit our course of action to fit customer’s needs.  Here is an entire list of the known processes we work with on a regular basis. Walt 3D LLC has the knowledge and standards to back up and support these manufacturing processes. This knowledge includes design parameters, tolerances, specifications, needed files types for manufacturing and materials sciences/properties. Keep in mind many of these processes can be used in conjunction with each other as well. Click on each of the list to be brought to a diagram of each process and a short explanation.